What to Pack in Your “First Night Box”

First Night Box Packing

By the end of your moving day you are happy to be in your new home but exhausted. It can be hard trying to find the energy to locate your toothbrush, paper plates for dinner or even diapers for a little one. In order to be properly prepared for you’re a relaxing first night in your new home we suggest a “first night box” should be packed. Below is a list of essentials to ensure a stress less first night.

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3 Safety Tips for New Homeowners

Homeowner Safety Tips

Before you unpack your belongings, consider the following safety tips:

1. Change the locks in your new home.

You may or may not have met the previous owners but ensure that no one else has a key by replacing the locks.

2. Replace all the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Even if you have been told that they are new batteries, make sure for yourself and your family. It’s low cost insurance to know they will work.

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How to Pick a Moving Company

How to Pick a Mover

Take the time to choose the right company! Follow the guidelines below:

Is there a free-of-charge in home estimate? Any reputable company will come out and assess what you have to move as well as give you an estimate.

Is the mover licensed, bonded and of course, insured? A moving company that has been around a long time and will continue to be in business will be licensed, bonded and insured.

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